Welcome to the serverless & secure Instant Messenger!

RetroMessenger - Just talk with your friends: This Instant Messenger is open source, secure and serverless.



Technically RetroMessenger has two main components: The core libretroshare (C++) and the wxWidgets toolkit for the graphical user interface (GUI).

It is serverless, as it uses a DHT to find the actual IP adress of the friend.


If you want to reach the list, write to: retromessenger-team [[at]] lists [[dot]] sourceforge [[dot]] net


The screenshots show the generate certificate, login, friendlist and chat pages and as well "Link Cloud", a cool feature to insert http-links or Hash-URLs to send them directly to your friends. So it is like in any social network, where people share the coolest news and newest places to browse. There is a "Rate"-Button, each URL can be rated from +2 / +1 / 0 / -1 / -2 and as well commented why.

If you press the "rate" or/and "send" (forward)-Button, then the one selected URL is sent to your friends. So be sure to rate the URLs from your friends daily or instant. Of course you can insert a new URL / Link as well, so your friends can rate it.


So as a user go to the download tab and try to install the actual version. As an experienced user see the SVN for detailed status of development and get in touch with the development-team for your ideas and questions.

So you might want to ask, where to start how to support the development:

Try to check out the code from the SVN Version Control of the current codings: Use the trunk path : wx-me


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